About US

DeLoach Essentials is a multicultural boutique salon that specializes in Keratin Smoothing Services. We currently but are not limited to using 10 different brands to treat all hair types and textures. Our Flagship boutique salon is Located in Hatboro PA. Booking is conveniently online 24 hours seven says a week. Please utilize this portal for managing your appointments. If you need to book, cancel, or reschedule your appointment it is faster and easier online.


Fatima DeLoach is the owner and lead smoothing specialist. She is your go-to stylist when seeking Keratin Smoothing Services. Prices may vary depending on length, density, and porosity of your natural or color treated hair. If you are unsure about this treatment due to the history of your hair. We strongly encourage a consultation first.


When using a Groupon there may be additional charges with your service. Book a consultation first if unsure.


Typically the service takes about 1.75 hours however we ask that you do not plan anything else behind your scheduled appointment.


We look forward to making you look and feel more beautiful!


Fatima DeLoach

Founder & Owner


Some treatments may have a cumulative effect on the hair so the more you get them the more elongated or sleek the hair will be.


Please fill free to contact us for more information.


We look forward to seeing you soon.


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